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"I am a product of Little Rock, Arkansas.  I love Little Rock!  This is the place that I have chosen to make my home.  I am invested and will stop at nothing to ensure a better future for the youth, adults, and seniors of the City of Little Rock.  I am inspired by the beauty of the people and consider it a privilege to serve you."
-Leron McAdoo
Youth Advocacy
  • Facilitate efforts that strive toward a world class public education that’s  student centered.

  • Foster economic and artistic opportunities for young people through training and employment.

Art and Culture
  • Promote creative endeavors that highlight and showcase the artistry of the city.

  • Pursue efforts that strengthen, patronize, and inform the creative community.

Public Safety
  • Foster healthy and positive policing that build relationships between the legal system and the community.

  • Support reentry and second chance initiatives that offer access to a livable future.

Quality of Life
  • Maintain beautification and access to local parks, biking lanes, and hiking trails.

  • Reinforce the existing guidelines on dumping, abandoned buildings, and weeded lots.

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